30gb-trial-internet.ga is fake website?

[4G LTE Launch] *Get FREE 30GB 3G and 4G TRIAL Internet data Pack for 90 days For all Network Click here to Activate now*
👉 http://30gb-trial-internet.ga

The above is the message I got from WhatsApp, I just want to inform you that it's a fake message. Nobody of you is going to get 90 days free internet. It's totally fake. I will tell you why they are fake. Recently so many scam messages are being spread over social medias mainly on WhatsApp.
  • All these scammers just want to make money by exploiting poor people. See the below given screenshot, its their comment session given on their website, I tried to put a comment but the submit button doesn't work, it means it's not their website's problem, but they knowingly removed the 'Submit' button's action, only to avoid shouting from the people. They are also showing some ready made comments from some persons, it's just made by the website owners to fool the poor people.
  • Another thing is that, when you click on the 'STEP 2' button to proceed, they will take you to another step even if you didn't give your phone number, it means they are no more going to give you DATA, because how can they give you DATA OFFER without giving them your phone number!
  • In the STEP 2, they will force you to share this message (Fake message) to 8 or more groups. From this what you want to understand that you are sharing this message to your friends and whatsapp groups before verifying whether you will get DATA PLAN.
  • The another and MOST IMPORTANT point is the next step they (the website owners) are making money by using us. When you go to 3rd step you will be asked to finish a survey or to download an App. If you do either survey or download the website owners will get money, but we get nothing.

In short, what you have to care is, don't go for offers at the times you hear about it, just think twice. Every offers hide a trap. Nobody will give you anything free of cost, everybody is trying to fill up their own pocket, just keep it in mind.



  1. This is really sad, companies will do anything to gain consumer even if it's fake. Will make sure that I'll be writing a reaction paper about this matter so other people will know.