: Is it True or Fake?

The following message was received form my friend through WhatsApp "Yaaay ,Fastrack is giving free watch for whatsapp users for their new promotions , Now get free branded fastrack watch and gift to your friends and family.Get yours at" - Many people are confused with the above messages on social medias. We can analyse here about the authenticity of their website and their Terms Of Service (TOS).

#1 - Terms of Their Service

The following is the TOS of listed in under URL

  • Watches will be sent to random limited entries.
  • in case any hard situation our team or authority decisions will be final.
  • please note that all participants are taking part in this campaign with their own permission.
  • we will provide watch to only user who are having fresh install of advertiser app & get paid from advertiser
From the above TOS you can clearly understand that to get a watch you will have to finish some tasks given by the website, and even if you complete the tasks, they won't assure you the gift.

#2 - Their Fake Comment Box

They has provided some positive comments to fool their new visitors solely for their own benefits. If you check their website you can see some static comments (Unchanged). And if you want to write new comment, then you will be shown an error message saying that " you must Sign In to write a Comment" -  but unfortunately original Fastrack website sign in has not connection with this fooling website. It means they are again fooling the people.

#3 - After You Finish Selecting Your Watch Model

Suppose once you have finished selecting a watch model, they will direct you to promote them on WhatsApp, by doing this, you are again promoting a fake website, so remember!. After the successful invitation you will be redirected to a page to enter your Shipping Address ( But instead of address box you will be show a list of some works or fill a survey form. By dong a survey you are agreeing to their terms of service saying that, your data can be given to any 3rd party marketing companies or agencies. Remember that if you do a survey that scammers will get money and you loose your time.

Do you think you are about to finish, no, because you will be directed to another page saying you to download 3rd party application (May contain malware)

From Author Desk

We the people rush blindly behind these offers whenever it's heard. And scammers make money using us and they are selling our private data to 3rd parties. All I have to say that , please don't go blind behind an offer.


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  1. We get easily blinded with this offers, you ought to be warned already when they say it's free. Perhaps you can go their website or page and review whether they are legit. It is for this reason why I have to read this college paper writing service reviews before hiring one so I can see how reliable they truly are. The same goes with those emails/texts/notifications that we receive, we ought to be cautious and not to give our personal details as not to be scammed.