whatsapp.gold-version.com: is fake or not?

The following message was received from one of the WhatsApp groups "Wow !Finally Secret Whatsapp Gold Version is Leaked, This version only used by big celebrities,You must install it Now to Enjoy latest features like Whatsapp Gold Logo and Themes, Private MSG without showing your number, Free wifi mode,video calling,who view your profile pic, free call etc, click on below link to activate now - http://whatsapp.gold-version.com/"

Is whatsapp.gold-version fake?

yea!, it's an internet scam, they claim that they can provide a WhatsApp Gold version if we go through some certain steps their website provide is. But in reality they are making us fools by making us doing surveys for 3rd party websites and promoting 3rd party applications (Malware apps also be there).

Finally we will be fooled and the scammers will earn money as we do some offers they direct us to do. What you have to do that, simply avoid such fake messages.

Remember that, if there is any new version from WhatsApp, they will announce it in their official website.

Please don't go back of fake messages and internet scammers, it's sure they can make use of your data like phone number and address.

if you want to read more on the very similar scam, please visit my previous article Here.



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