25gb-4g-free.ga is true or fake?

"Get 25GB 4G Internet Free, to Register go to http://25gb-4g-free.ga/". The above message was spread around person to person. They claim that, some people who finish some of the simple steps as mentioned in their website, will get 25G 4G internet service.  I also received this message from my friend. Normally I check every messages like this, that happens to be a fake. As usual I checked out this message and their website. Unlike all other fakes, this website disclaims that ONLY SOME PERSON WILL GET THE OFFER.
But, in my opinion its their great way to escape from peoples complaints. That website doesn't have any contact information, address, feedback etc.

  • From all these, we can use our wit and understand that it's not an authorized website. More over, their website URL says that its 4G internet that they provide, but their website Logo shows its 3G internet, again conflicts!.
  • Another important thing is that at the very first you will have to share their promotions to many of your WhatsApp contacts and groups, only after that you will be able to check does the website work.
  • Their third step is dangerous, because they tell us to finish a survey, but most of the people are unawared of the third party survey websites. They will make an agreement from us when we finish that survey, by agreeing that your data can be sold for marketers. When you finish a survey, the scammers get money, but you earn nothing but loose your private data.
  • One thing also I need to let you know that, when I analyzed the website, I provided something like this "#@#@#@#@#@#" instead of my phone number, but they took me into the next step without verifying whether it's a valid phone number. Then I wonder HOW CAN THEY GIVE US AN INTERNET OFFER!

Final decision

In my opinion this is also a scam. What I have to tell you that, please don't fall for such fake offers like this. Always remember that nobody will give you anything for free.



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  2. There is no doubt that this kind of offer is a scam, just like the offers I found via PapersLead reviews. That's why its very important to verify things first before signing in. Good that you were able to verify their existence.