WhatsApp Version 4.0 Scam Message : www.arcticpilgrim.com/version-4

Today I got a Fake/ Scam message shared from my friend through WhatsApp group. Reading it at the fist sight understood it's a fooling unauthentic message spreading over WhatsApp. There is a website link in the message, when I try to access it from computer it says 'Page Not Found'. But it's accessible form Phone. The message is as follows.

" Hey ,Finally most awaited WhatsApp version 4.0 has been released , Now With WhatsApp version 4.0 you can enjoy lots of new features like Video calling,Check who saw our WhatsApp dp and status,Send more than 10 pics at once ,sticker and theme support ,free SMS, Delete message in both sides ,encrypted texts etc.You can install WhatsApp version 4.0 only with invite.I am inviting you now. Download and install WhatsApp 4.0 safely at https://arcticpilgrim.com/version-4/ "

Don't Try this Scam!

I strongly recommend you Do Not Try to Use this Website, the reason is that, they are merely scammers. As long as there is no official announcement from WhatsApp company regarding a new version of WhatsApp, nobody can provide you a new WhatsApp version.

What Happens if You Try this

There's nothing worth with this message. If you enter the website for downloading the new WhatsApp version 4.0, at the very beginning, you must finish inviting 5 groups and 10 person sending this message. Then you will be forwarded to do something else like downloading an app or completing a survey etc. 

These kinds of internet scams are trying only to promote their own or any third party applications (may be malware apps too) or to make us do some survey for any Third-party survey company, finally we never get the New WhatsApp.

I asked one of my friends who had tried this link, She told me that she did't get the download link even after the download is finished, instead the website just suggested her to update the WhatsApp. Actually it's fooling us. So please don't try or send this message to others and waste time.



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