is a fake recharging website?

[Paytm 3G Internet Loot] New 3G Company Promotional Offer,You will Get FREE 3G Internet Pack For 30days with Unlimited Downloading. Click here to Enter now - . The above is the message that I got shared from my friend. In the recent days, there are so many fraud messages are being spread through social medias. Before continuing using such websites offering big things for free, you must be aware of this - NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING FOR FREE WITHOUT TAKING BENEFITS FROM YOU.

I just checked the Terms of Service of this website, I can see PayTM logo on their website, I think they display it to make people believe of their service, because they clearly says in their TOS that "This is an independant contest and we are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in the webpage, including Whatsapp and other app providers mentioned in the final step."

After reading the TOS , I just plan to check the website, It has a box to provide our phone number and another box to choose our Network Company name. As part of checking, I leave the company name empty, and I gave @#@#$ instead of a valid phone number. And I clicked the Proceed button, unfortunately they brought me to the next step for inviting whatsapp contacts without validating if I provide a valid phone number or not.

I also asked my friends whether they got any recharge, but they didn't get anything. So, I suggest you not to try such websites.



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