Fake Lucky Wheel website?


Have you seen this thing? http://www.dexsi.comYesterday I got a message through WhatsApp shared by my friend saying "Look", when I clicked the link it redirected me to ''. At first sight I understood that it is a fake website, because I have already seen that same webpage on another URL ( The website is complete fake, because the like button placed in the website simply shows you, you have liked it and when you reload the website you won't see your like. The like button also show you have liked when you hit the like button without login into your Facebook page. From this we can understand that they don't even verify whether you are signed in to Facebook.

I have checked and analysed its function and I found it is a scam and really mocking at its users, in my opinion. It is because most of the people only try it once till they gain the prize, and they see as they got a prize of a Samsung S6 smart phone.
But I checked My luck spinning the wheel for 10 times reloading the website after each Prize, but the FUN is whenever I spin the Wheel it only give me a same result, that is , At the fist time I get an extra spin and at the second chance I get a Samsung S6 phone, and it tells me to share about the website to 10 of my friends so that I can gain that prize, and the website also tells that "This offer is available for South Africa only. Visitors outside will be redirected to other offers and have no chance for the prize".

You can read more proof in my previous post on the same webpage hosted with another URL



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