Fake : Cosmic Rays from Mars Entering Earth

Cosmic Rays from Mars Entering Earth
In WhatsApp, there have been rumors spreading that cosmic rays from Mars are entering the Earth tonight so we need to switch off our phones, or put them away from us. It is surely an Hoax, people are finding joy in fooling their friends, and many of them are being fooled and shares the message to their friends and do as the message request. Here is the circulating hoax.

Tonight 12:30 am to 3:30 am cosmo rays entering earth from mars. So switch off your mobile at night. Don’t keep your cell with you & put it away while you are sleeping because they are too much dangerous rays: NASA informs BBC NEWS. Pls spread this news.

The message above is clearly nothing more than just an HOAX. I don’t know why people are circulating panic messages such as this to disturb the lives of other people. It  seems, this message has been circulating since years back and it suddenly reappeared today, 15 September 2015. I also received text messages containing this false information through my WhatsApp and Facebook.

The message doesn't provide any specific date, it's clear that the composer of this hoax avoided it as it is to get more shares despite of the time and year.

Whenever you get such messages seemingly hoax, just try to verify its authenticity.



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