tiny.cc/promo-time : is it a Fake Win Mobile Recharge website?

To days I got the following message shared via WhatsApp from my friends.
http://tiny.cc/promo-time | Super Promo offer. Get Rs 200 free recharge. Visit above link to get your recharge. NOTE : Offer valid across India! Not supported in Opera Mini browser.
I just analysed using my computer, and I found that it is not accurate as it doesn't verify whether you have entered a phone  number and you have selected a network operator.

 The Terms of Use of the website says " Only 3 winners will be selected at the end of the day " and " This is an independent contest and we are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in the webpage, including WhatsApp and other app providers mentioned in the final step". And the website also claim that They have every powers to stop this promotion anytime or change terms.

In conclusion, I cannot say that this is (http://promo-time.net/) a Fake Website, but I can say that the website doesn't show the qualities needed for a Good website. By considering the weak points and the TOS of the website, it is better not to participate in this contest, because they only select 3 winners at the end of the day and it is not an assured gift.

For receiving this Gift why do we provide them with yours and your friends valuable private data?.
Remember one thing that, no one is going to give you gifts from their pockets unless they have any benefits from you. Here they get your and your fiends phone number and maybe they will tell you to try any applications to claim the price. Through these they make money and your promotion can be received or cancelled sometime as they have full right to cancel your promotion at any time.

Disclaimer: I just analysed and expressed my own opinion about this website, I believe I have not gone wrong!


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