WhatsApp Without Internet with WhatsappNoData.com : Fake?

"Hey, I am inviting you to activate WhatsApp Without Internet.This is amazing service. Now you can run whatsapp without internet. Click here to activate -->http://WhatsappNoData.com" -  this is the message that I received forwarded from my friend, I just analysed the website before just going into the 'trap', because I know recently there are many fake messages are being propagated through social medias, especially among WhatsApp network.Analyzing the website www.WhatsappNoData.com, I can say it is merely a scam. Because it doesn't shows any character of an authentic website.

In the above image I have marked some areas that I have analysed. There are two texts one is "Server: ONLINE" and the other is "UPDATED: 25 minutes ago". I just inspected the website elements in the developer option of google chrome and I saw these two values are just labeled as static values, so it won't change. You can check refreshing the website, whenever you refresh you could only see, updated before 25 minutes.

Secondly, I could affirm more that this is fake, as the website doesn't detect whether the given value to the phone number text box is a valid phone number. And I just given some characters instead of a valid phone number and continued, thus the website shows me the process is successful.

Other than these, there may many reasons, but the above explained are very obvious for us to determine it's a fake.

I believe, this might help you. Beware of fake messages and traps.



  1. Thanks for info.. Its really useful

  2. what happens ones you get trapped?????

    1. You might receive SMS to you phone that will deduct payment and credits ... it's just like those websites where it requires you contact number for ringtones, wallpapers, or even gambling sites. That's the least of trouble you could get into. Usually you could request to cancel the registration but there's a big fat chance your number will be sold to another similar organization that would reregister your number.

      Please in the future any websites that require your number for registration, you are advised to deny any such request. The word free will always be used. Confirm a site, read the term and conditions. Get all details. Google "whois website.com" to find out more.

      This site is particular is fake because they hid their registration details. You may try google "whois ikea.com" to find out how a legit registered company will look like. They will have a mile of details on them which they will not hide.

    2. Thanks Mr. Ismail for your detailed reply.