www.WhatsAppGold.com a Fake Website, Real Scam!

Hey, I am inviting you to activate (?) Elegant WhatsApp Gold. Click here to activate --> http://www.WhatsAppGold.com . The above text is a fake WhatsApp Gold Activation Invitation message, so don't go for that. WhatsApp doesn't have separate versions such as Gold, Silver, etc. If you provide your number such websites there is a chance that they might collect them and sell to telemarketers.

I have written many posts about fake WhatsApp spreading scams. Whenever each fake invitations are recognized by the people they come with new idea like WhatsApp call invitation, WhatsApp Video call activation, Turn WhatsApp into pink and WhatsApp Gold activation, etc.

The number one reason I find for the failure of this website is that, they even fails to understand whether the user provided a valid Phone number. You can read some of my previous posts and understand why I am telling www.WhatsAppGold.com is a fake website.



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