Will WhatsAppForFree.com Provide WhatsApp without Internet?

Hey, I am inviting you to activate ?? WhatsApp without Internet. Click here to activate --> http://www.WhatsAppForFree.com. This is the message I recently found in my WhatsApp shared from my friend. I have recently published many post on like these fake Whatsapp viral messages. All these fake propagating massages are seemed to be from the same source as it shows the same behavior. Every message include a website, when we open and go through it, it tell us to complete a process. Firstly we will be asked to enter our phone number and at the next step they compel us to invite 10 of our friends.

Why WhatsAppForFree.com is a Fake website?

I have mentioned the same reasons in my previous posts. Anyway, I will repeat it.

  • The first thing is WhatsApp won't use second methods like inviting 10 friends.
  • If it is official news from WhatsApp, they will announce it in their blog and in press release, and also provide a link in their official website.( as they did for the WhatsApp for Web)
  • The Most FUNNY thing which led me to identify www.WhatsAppForFree.com is merely a fake website that, when I opened it and entered a non-numerical text in the text field provided for the mobile number, the website shown me Successful, and told me to invite 10 friends. From this we can analyse that this website is an unauthorized website they even fails to check whether the provided text is a Phone Number or even it is a numerical value.

There are much more reasons, but I think the final reason I provided is too much to understand it is fake for anybody.

Don't jump and attack on these sorts of messages without verifying the source of the news. Happy Safe Chatting. Thanks.



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    1. Hi, rajendar, First of all I thank you.
      Most of us are trapped in fakes such as this, even most educated ones. What I have to say to all that just think twice before doing anything. The main problem causes to people is they will jump high whenever they here of making money without any risk. The thing we have to keep in mind that no one is going to give you even a single penny for free!