WhatsappCall.co : Fake WhatsApp Video Calling invitation

I got the below message from my friend as an Invitation from www.whatsappcall.co. I was very confused of the authenticity of this message because another fake voice call invitation messages also were propagated before. See the fake invitation I received here. " Hey, iam inviting you to activate 📞 WhatsApp Video Calling (✔).. Activate it from ➡️ http://www.WhatsappCall.co "
The first thing we have to understand that What's App is a well established company, they won't tell their customers to invite 10 people to get video/ voice call activated.

WhatsApp has its official website ( https://www.whatsapp.com ), They will post their all announcements and related services there. For example they have announced WhatsApp for Web, see the below screenshot you will see a tab which direct you to their WhatsApp for web website, or you can grab their updates from their Blog. You can see an announcement from their blog published when they introduced the WhatsApp for Web Feature.

Link to the WhatsApp for Web given from their official website - Screenshot

WhatsApp for Web service official announcement in their blog  - Schreenshot


In conclusion, I would recommend you not to show greed towards these types of fake news. Many of the people click on the link at the instant they see the invitation on their WhatsApp without checking the authenticity of the source. So I can say that www.WhatsappCall.co is fake.

These fake feature propagating websites do nothing, but forcefully tell them to invite 10 people to get your feature get activated, so what, usually everyone who is anxious of the new feature, they will click the link and the news happen to spread to his 10 friends in the form of his invitation, and so on.


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