How to type Malayalam Language in iPhone

how-can-I-Type-malayalam-in-iPhoneNow you can type Malayalam in iPhone using a simple software. This application uses the unicode font to type and display malayalam in your iPhone or iOS device. You can simply type the needed Malayalam text using English alphabets (malayalees often say 'Manglish'), and you will get your english alphabets get transliterated into corresponding malayalam alphabets. So that this method is much simple to type malayalam for every person even if you are not perfect in Malayalam ASCCI fonts

'Malayalam Editor' is the application we uses in iPhone to write Malayalam. You can download it from the AppStore for free of cost. Click here to downlaod.

Typing Malayalam using Malayalam Editor in iPhone

How does it work

  • Simply download the application from the AppStore and install. Then open it from your phone application lists.
  • Now you will see a text box inside the application.
  • You can type any word in using english alphabets and then press Space Bar on your keyboard, you will get that word transliterated into Malayalam.
  • You can always copy the texts you have made there by simply hold pressing on the text for a couple of seconds, now you will be shown a small menu, you can tap on 'copy' and can paste it wherever you want.

    Happy Typing. Cheers!

Malayalam Transliteration in iPhone using Malayalam Editor



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