How to download Facebook videos in iPhone

We usually surf our Facebook wall and see many photos, videos and many other interesting stuff, and all of which can be easily stored in your phone. If it is a image you can simply save it in your iPhone memory, in case of text you can copy and keep them any where you want. But in case of Facebook Videos it is little bit complicated but very simple too. You may sometimes had felt some videos to be kept downloaded. Now you can download Facebook Videos simply by following this trick.

Downloading FB videos

  • At the very first you have to go to your AppStore and download an application named 'Downloads'. Click here to Download.

Downloads Lite Version
  • This is a Downloads Lite version, You may Download the Paid version
  • Open Facebook and choose the video that is to be downloaded, and click the 'Copy Link' from the Share menu.
Copying Link of a video from Facebook
  • Now open the the app 'Downloads' (Downloaded in first step) and paste the copied link in the address bar and press enter
Pasting copied URL into the App Downloads
  • Now you video will be loaded, click on it. You can see it is a download button there, simply click on it and give a file name. That's it. You can see the video in your downloads.
Enjoy watching. Cheers.


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