Does hack your WhatsApp messages?

Recently a prank WhatsApp message has been came to be viral, and people are exited of it. I also came to read that message in my friend's mobile.
Guys.. Did you think your WhatsApp msgs are safe???? Pls check this link and u can see all the msgs till date! Its sooo shocking our chats are being backed up on this site... put anyones number in the site and read all their messages. That means there is NO PRIVACY in WhatsApp.
The above is the message which is viral on WhatsApp now, so I checked the website, SHOCKED!, It claims that they can hack WhatsApp messages of your friends or any of the person by his phone number.

After Checking, It Was All fun!

The website has a text box and a button entitled 'Get Messages'. The website says users to type your mobile number there and click Get Message button. When you click the button providing your mobile number it shows yo a loading sign and then shows you a big APRIL FOOL!

Yeah this website was only intended to be a prank. All your messages are totally safe! The website creator just fooled everyone in advance to April.

Then I checked the website with a random digits and alphabet, and I understood that the website even does not verify whether  the provided value is a valid phone number or a digit.
Befor Providing Phone Number
After showing the Result

Already Fooled? Then Try Fooling Others!

The April is approaching, many of your fiends might not have received this one, fool them sharing this link,

Have fun, enjoy.



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