Recover deleted WhatsApp messages older than 7 days

Recovering 7-days-older-WhatsApp-Chat-History
It is quite simple to recover your accidentally deleted or lost WhatsApp messages if it is within seven days, you just need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp and at the time of reinstalling you will see a chat history recover button. But if it is older than 7 days it is slightly difficult to restore. You can do it through two methods, one manual and another using a web app designed for the job. here goes the solution.

Method #1: Manual

  • Open the Database folder in the SD card (or internal storage).The path will look like
  • In the Databases folder you will see several files. You will notice that they are saved with names like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” where “YYYY-MM-DD” is the year, month and date respectively.

  • Firstly, rename “msgstore.db.crypt” with any name that can distinguish from other files like “Current Database file”.
  • Then check out the files below: should be several files named with different dates. Choose the file that you want to restore – find a file from before you accidentally deleted everything – and rename it “msgstore.db.crypt”.
  • Go to your Android device: uninstall and re-install WhatsApp. Choose Restore when prompted. Keep in mind that when you click the button 'Restore', The file we already renamed into “msgstore.db.crypt” is restored, your old messages are restored.
Also note that restoring an earlier chat file will delete your current chat history, and there’s no simple way to merge your recovered messages and current chat. You can restore your new messages by repeating the process above, replacing your new msgstore.db.crypt with the “Current Database file” one.

Method #2: A Third party service

This method is much easier, and can be done using a free service known as Recover Messages. This free online service used to read and extract the contents of a database file.

  • Open the website.
  • Choose the database file from the SD card location on your Android phone, accept the terms of use and click Process.
  • The processing may take several minute depending your database size.
  • Once the scan is completed, you can view your messages under the tab "Registers Recovered"
  • Since it is a simple method, you can only extract and view your chats but you can't restore them to your WhatsApp history
if your lost chats are not older than 7 days then read this simple steps for easy recovery.

For iPhone users, if you have previously backed up your iPhone using iTunes, you may be able retrieve your WhatsApp chats by restoring your iPhone from a previous iPhone backup. Or download Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp Transfer to help. Easy to use. Hope this is helpful, believe you will share your opinions below.


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  1. If you have the backup in iPhone or iTunes, there are two ways for you to recover deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone
    one is recover them from iPhone by scanning the data directly