How to activate WhatsApp voice calling feature

WhatsApp has recently launched Voice Calling facility for its limited users. This calling feature is currently only available in the Android devices. If a new customer wants to get this calling option, you will have to not only download WhatsApp Messenger (Version 2.11.561) from the external link I have given below, but also you must receive a voice call from another person who have already got the whatsApp calling feature enabled. WhatsApp is trying to make the Voice Calling more easy even to those who have a very low-speed 2G internet connection. And they have not launched this feature with the version currently in the Google Play Store, that is why I recommend you to get it from an external link.

WhatsApp Calling Screenshot
Here is how did I get WhatsApp calling.

  1. I simply downloaded it from the below link (Note: We have no responsibility on the external links)




  2. Even after updating your WhatsApp with version 2.11.561, the call button won't be visible. You will have to receive a call from a whatsApp which have already the Call Function activated, and talk for some time.
  3. Now end the call and check whether you see three Tabs at the top of your whatsApp. If, you are done. You got the call button enabled, now you will be able to make Voice calls to your friends individually

    WhatsApp Contact List
    WhatsApp Voice Call History

Does WhatsApp call Worth enabling?

According to my opinion, it worths. But for some people who lives in rural areas having a slow internet connection (2G) can't make proper calling through this, because, I have checked this in both slow and hight internet speed. There occurs a lag between the conversations, it irritates.

Update: Note, recently I have tried to activate my friend's WhatsApp calling feature, but I failed!. I don't know why, may be WhatsApp has limited this for a certain number of customers as this feature is in experiment. Im wondering if you are feel free to share your experiences with WhatsApp calling in the comment section.



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