Did you get this fake WhatsApp voice call invitation?

If you receive a message from your friend, saying, 'Hey, I am inviting you to try WhatsApp Calling click here to activate now—> http://WhatsappCalling.com', don’t try it. WhatsApp Calling is a feature which enables you to make voice calls over data, recently enabled on certain devices that get special invitation from the user who have the calling feature already got activated. Not all users were given the access to the new feature, even though the new version of WhatsApp is supporting the calling option, but is disabled.

How to recognise fake invitaions

'Hey, I am inviting you to try whatsapp Calling click here to activate now—> http://WhatsappCalling.com'
The above message is one of the fake propagating WhatsApp messages. The mentioned website in the message, http://WhatsappCalling.com, is not an authorised WhatsApp website. If you follow the click the link then it will force you to invite 10 friends to enable the voice calling feature. The recipients of your invitations also invite their friends in the same way, this happens this fake invitation message to propagate the world. So if you receive a similar message, simply ignore it or send a message in return to your friend informing him / her that it is a hoax message.

WhatsApp won't tell its customers to follow non-standard method such as inviting 10 people to activate the Calling Feature.

And also keep in mind that, just an invitation can't bring a new feature to any software unless they already set that software into such a mode.

Hope this helped you. Let me know your opinions about WhatsApp calling in the below comment section.



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