How to create a font in your handwriting

creating-your-handwriting-into-fontAre you ever thought of the fonts? Fonts are everywhere in electronic devices like phone, computer, tablet etc. It is font that determines how a text on a page is to be displayed, the style and appearance of a text varies on different fonts. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create your own 'Fonts'. Now you can compose documents and mails in your own handwriting. You all need to do is to read this post carefully, definitely you can shock your friends.

Normally font creation is a complex process in which you will have to carefully draw each and every character and signs/marks using a computer. But here is a simple tool to create fonts, this is an online tool on which you can upload your fonts (may be your handwriting) drawn by pen so the tool will give you back your image converted into a vector font. As the font is in vector format it won't lose its clarity and the sharpness even it is enlarged.

Creating Fonts in 5 Minutes

Definitely !.. we are going to create your own fonts. Below are two simple tools both are same in function but differs in the perfection according to the image file uploaded. To make your own font carefully do as follows.

#1 Tool

  1. Go to
  2. There you will have to download a template.
  3. Now take print out of the template ( high resolution )
  4. Draw Alphabets and other Characters using your Black Pen (Blue works sometime)
  5. Once the drawing is completed simply scan the paper in high resolution (minimum 300 resolution).
    Please note that the scanned document must be under 2 MB file size to upload into the website.
  6. Now we have our document to be uploaded is ready, now click on 'Choose File' button and locate the scanned document.
  7. Press Upload button and wait till it is being processed (About 30 Seconds).
  8. Yes you got your image converted into font. Enjoy!

#2 Tool

Paintfont is the newly released version of the above tool in which many bugs are fixed. Below are what new on the latest version.
  • Improved fault tolerance due to better image preprocessing like deskew.
  • Support for all languages through selectable Symbol Sets.
  • Your Fonts can now be based on other fonts.
Read the steps to create your own font with new tool
  1. Select the characters your font should contain and press 'Create Template'. If you want all characters simply press 'Create Template button' without selecting Characters.
  2. Now you will get a template. Take a print out of it and draw your font style.
  3. Scan in high resolution (300 resolution or above).
  4. Get your font
Additional Tips:
  • Tip 1 : Installing Your Font :- If you are using Windows XP, simply go to control panel > Fonts and paste your font inside. If you are using Windows 7 or above, open the downloaded font and click on install button you see at the top.
  • Tip 2 : If you are expert with Graphic Editors like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. you can draw your fonts using them. Don't forget to save in 300 resolution



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