Automatic link building caused sudden drop of my traffic

Traffic is a great factor for every online business. There are millions of people who are relying upon blogging to earn their lively hood. Someone becomes millionaire. Traffic and Advertisement made them to get rich (Traffic + Ads =  Money). So the more traffic you get the more you earn. Traffic is maintained through Search Engine Optimization and it is very hard to optimize it. As we all know Google is one of the major search engine. Every websites/ blogs get a major per-percentage of traffic from it. Google is very strict in their policy, when one is caught for the policy violation Google penalize them by removing the site from their index or decreasing their page rank etc.

I had a bad experience with Google for violating their rule, I would like to share with you. Once I had read a article on ShoutMeLoud, which was about the websites to submit URL. He has explained a about a website called This is a website where website / blog owners can submit their URL in index in 2500 plus website automatically, IMTalk provides quality links and it takes one or two seconds to submit your URL to  each of its directories. It took me two hours to ping and to create 2500 URLs.

I was happy, I thought I could increase my rank and website indexing on search engines. But after two days it shocked me when I sow my page-previews, I lost my 75% of traffic!. It was horrible. I have noticed that a major percent of the traffic lost from my own country (India).

Was it really penalty?

I tried to find the problem and to troubleshoot it. Google provides many options to watch and analyze website progress and other details regarding user behavior. Normally Google Webmaster Tool will display if any policy is violated, but I can't find nothing the the message. If it had showed me any policy violation I could submit a reconsideration request to Google. But now no way in front of me.

Update : One month after this traffic drop got recovered, I again tried submitting to 100 sites using And my traffic lost again.! So I strongly recommend you not to try auto link building

How did I recover from the penalty

It was urgent for me to recover from the issue, so that only I could regain the lost traffic and my earnings. I tried resubmitting sitemap to Google. After two days it amazed me by showing the lost traffic regained, I thanked God.


We learn everything from experience as we learnt to walk when we was a baby. Now I learnt that the auto link building is not a good method to optimize blogs and good results come out of hard works. I simply revealed my experience with your. I would like to hear your experiences.



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