How to submit license agreement for my video in YouTube

YouTube is strict in the case of copyrighted contents, they give value to the copyright holders. But sometime this strictness becomes a frustration to someone. Suppose you already have an account in YouTube and you have uploaded and applied to Monetize a Video you will be asked only to choose the type of license you need, i.e : Creative Common License AND Standard YouTube License. But if you had already uploaded some videos that has copyrighted contents to others and you have caught by the YouTube for Policy Violation, you will be asked to fill a detailed license agreement for the videos you upload to Monetize.

Note: This problem occurs only for the persons who try to display ads on their YouTube videos and earn money (Monetize a video). In YouTube each video should be manually enabled for the monetization.

I know there are many people who don't know how to submit license because many of them are making videos in their personal computer using any video editor, so how they will have a license?. Don't worry I am here to give tips. First of all listen to the below screenshot, it is the screen displayed when the button " ! " of a non-monetized video was clicked, yeah it asks to fill the details for the ownership.

Listen here are some questions to be answered but 4 of them are Mandatory fields. In which the first three required fields can be filled easily but many of you fails when comes to the fourth field, am I right?. Actually I am not an expert in this, and I have never faced such a problem with my account. But I am giving you some helpful tips so that you can apply them to get your video monetized.

Come to the point, what the fourth required field asks for (" Please provide a link to the 'Terms of Use'"). This asks for a link (Page URL) to the webpage where your License Agreement is written. If you have a website you can create a page to place your license agreement on it and paste its URL to YouTube.

If you are asked to write the agreement in YouTube itself, you can write something like " I created this video myself and I have all the right of the content presented in this video".

I believe I have explained well, Let me know your feedback through comments.



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