How to fix Android phone automatic rebooting problem

Recently my phone got into trouble, it kept restarting. I had to get out of the boot loop error. My phone was HTC Desire 1818 runs on Android Bravo. I was really frustrated because I had many valuable phone contacts in my phone. I searched everywhere on the, I couldn't find any solution at that time, so the only solution in front of me was to format my phone!. Oh.!.. Error fixed by formatting, but my all data on the phone including my valuable phone numbers lost. After 7 or 8 months my phone again got in to the same auto restarting trouble when I installed Whats App in my phone. It was really irritating me to encounter these sorts of wretched errors on Android. But at this time I found a good solution. This solution is applicable for all Android phones, and Tablets regardless of models and companies.

Error Summary

In short the problem is that, when I switch on my phone it open as normal and when it shows company logo or just after appearing the home screen the device automatically restarts, continues restarting as a never ending process. In my opinion this can be caused by any third party application, or when the internal memory is so low as not to load the apps on start up. In this case you can not manually switch off your phone using the Power button, so you have to remove the battery to forcefully turn your phone/ tablet off.

How I got solved the Restart Loop Trouble

I had already encountered this problem, so it was irritating me to encounter this error again. When it came again, I tried pressing random Physical Buttons of my HTC Desire Bravo Phone angrily. Fortunately that happened, my phone booted correctly, it wondered me to see that my phone was booted in Safe Mode. I had never thought of Safe Mode in a Phone as in Computer, if I had thought of it I would not had lost my important contacts on my phone before. Now I am happy to fix my error, So I am glad to share my experience with a Great solution with you.

Starting your any Android device in Safe Mode

As I got the original solution to fix the bug, caused the phone to restart repeatedly, I sought for 'How to begin ANY ANDROID device with Safe Mode'.You will find it going link below. Find your phone and solve your problem. If your Phone is not listed there, do the process which is recommended to do for the device similar to your's.

>> Start any Android Device in Safe-Mode

How to Trouble shoot the problem

This auto-restart error can be the result of any third-party application you installed on your device, or due to the very low internal memory space so as not to load the start up apps (I Guess). So Booting your phone in Safe Mode you have to uninstall the last installed app

I have tried my best to share my knowledge on this error, I think you would have solved your problem nicely... Comment your results below.

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