Create or Design Onam Pookalam Online - Best Game

Do you want to design an online Pookalam? Here is a great application (an interesting game) to create your own Athappokkalam online on your PC. This app also can be used at schools for conducting onam pookalam contest. This game let you to design various pattern. You can also share your creation with friends. In this tool you can choose your favorite flowers in different colors. I provide you the detailed how to tutorial of this app usage. Let's try a new design now!

How to Disign

Firstly we can learn how to design your Pookalam with this game, so that you can easily create your desired pookkalam designs.

  • First of all go to the Pookkalam Design Game
  • Skip the ad and continue to Game
  • Now you will be shown four options, just click on 'Start Game'
  • Now you can Design the pookkalam by two way. Draw a unique pattern and then fill the pattern with colorful flowers and petals
  • You can also directly design a Pookkalam by skipping pattern designing
  • You can move items by mouse hold using moving tool, if the Rotate tool is selected the item is rotated on mouse hold. And there are many other options in the tool panel such as Duplicate an item, Delete etc.
  • To move an item by dragging, you should select that item first
  • To make your drawing easier, there is a much needed tool, this will let you to place flowers in desired radius (see below screenshot) - Click Tool [1] after selecting a flower, then adjust the radius using tool [2]
Hope you have enjoyed this online pookalam creating tutorial, I which you happy Onam. Let's know your experience commenting below.


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  1. Cool! Now I think i can start creating my own onam pookalam designs even the simple and easy ones. Thanks for sharing them!