Activate SMS Alerts For All Bank Transactions

Don't you receive bank balance details after every transaction on your account? In which bank you want to register and activate SMS Alerts facility for your bank money transactions, SBI, SBT, SBH, SBM, SBBJ ? Now it is quite easy to enable. You can register and integrate your mobile number with your bank account either from ATM ,Bank or Bank Official Website.

In earlier time it was some little bit risky to register your phone number with a bank account, It was required to download an SMS request form and submit it to your State Bank group branch. But now it is easiest as the facilities were developed.

Receiving SMS Alerts on your every ATM, Online or any bank transactions are one of the important step to secure your bank account. For example if you lose your ATM card, and unfortunately you lost the secret number along with the card and you have a lot of money in your bank balance, what will you do? wouldn't it be nice if you receive your transaction details.

Suppose if a thief use your ATM Card in any ATM, you will be alerted by your bank by an SMS, including the details of such as the ATM details, Place where from the balance is withdrawn, your current balance etc.

How to Get SMS Alerts

As mentioned above you might understood the importance of receiving alerts as Text Messages on your phone. So lets learn about the ways of SMS Alert Registration available now. I am an Indian so I am not sure this method is applicable to other countries, anyway I hope you will have the similar facilities available.

Registering Through Website

At first we can learn how to do this online, But for doing this you must have a username and password for your account, for getting this at first you should contact your bank branch and request them to active Internet Banking for your Account. If you don't have one, then read next method below.

It is very simple, simply log in to your respective bank official website (be careful about fake websites, check you spelled correctly).Under Requests Tab, you can find ‘SMS Alerts’ option on the left side menu. Select that and you can check various options provided regarding receiving SMS alerts, such as 
alerts for credit/ debit, Cheque book issue, Cheque stop alert, Balance falling below a certain amount set by you, Hold on account set/ removed etc.

You might only get alerts for credit/ debit of certain amount (only if this amount is greater than Rs.5000). You may not be able to set an amount below 5000 NRI, that means you will receive alerts for your transactions which above RS:5000. But this rule is not applicable to your ATM cash withdrawal, Online payment transactions etc. In these cases you will receive alerts for your transactions, even it is below 5000 rupees.

These alerts can be set if you have a Savings Bank, Current account or an Over draft account and are free of charge. If you want to stop SMS alerts you can visit the same page and select ‘disable SMS alerts’ link present at the bottom.

If you are a person who use bank / ATM multiple times daily, you may set a minimum lever of amount, thus transaction below which you won't receive SMS, so that you can reduce receiving too much SMS. But I recommend you to set the level 5000, it can keep your account protected.

Registration via ATM

I have done my registration through SBI (State Bank of India) ATM, but my account is in SBT. I assume all ATM provide the similar option to make your mobile number integration simplest. Below is the method that how I did this on SBI ATM.

  • Insert the Card into ATM
  • Enter PIN (don't expose the PIN to others)
  • Choose Mobile Registration
  • Choose SMS Service Alert
  • Enter Your Mobile Number and Confirm and press Correct if it is correct, else no
  • Now ATM will show you a message saying Successfully done, if not try again.

Register from Bank Branch

You can also contact your bank branch for this purpose. They will do it for you. I assume this post might have helped you to learn about the easiest SMS Registration methods. You may share this post with your friends, it would helpful to them also, what you lose? nothing other than a simple click!.



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