Get your AdSense Statistics on Your Android Mobile

Google AdSense is on of the most easy and fast way to make handful of money. Adsense ads can be displayed in individual/ or public websites with useful contents, in YouTube videos etc. And the publisher will get paid for the each valid click and impressions. Now Adsense is celebrating their 10th successful year, and they have now launched an Android app to know Adsense earning on phone easily.

Android app to know adsense earning on the goThis AdSense App has many features unavailable right now as the first version. But you can know basic earning reports such as earning of the current day, month, previous month, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports and payment alerts.etc. This app only run Android 4.0 and above. AdSense has helped over two million publishers grow their businesses in the last 10 years.

There are many alternatives to use for those who are banned from AdSense, You can also use Popunder, Popup ads on your blog or website to earn much money, bu the problem is that these ads may make the visitors keep away due to the disturbance of the ad. Some popunder ad providers allow to display their ad in small scale websites, so it would be nice to earn money from blogs having a small traffic such as 300 -500 a day.

On related notes, if you are an AdSense Publisher, you can multiply your income with in 15 minutes, the only thing is to do some tips, this is not any trick of cheating or hacking but we are optimizing the ads and the position well fit for the publishing site.

One of the key feature of AdSense is that an incentive program, called 'Premium AdSense Publishers', If you become a premium AdSense publisher you will surely get the full freedom to customize you ad size color style etc, and you can negotiate the rate per click you want, you can display more than 3 ads per page and moire. But there are many criteria to get passed the gate, at least you have these minimum qualifications to become a premium publisher.

Adsense Team will send you the money when you reach the threshold, $100. The money will be issued by cheque. I received my first cheque from google the last month.

Download Adsense App for Android. - Android 4.0 and above versions.



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