3 Ways to Select & Copy Texts from Protected Web Pages

How can I copy Protected Text content of a websiteHere are three working tricks which can enable you to copy any protected text content of a website/ blog. Some websites disables Ctrl + C while some sites won't enables you to at least make a selection. I have seen many websites only enables the user to copy certain parts of the content, for example you can copy a code from a tutorial explaining programming. But some times users will have to copy some of the texts on the page to make use of. But the content might be protected and might be unique, so that it may not available on other sites, it's content ate not copy protected. Suppose you feel risky to retype those lengthy content, what do you do?. Here is the solution, simply read full the article here I explore you three perfect tips.

Tet me tell how I got the #1 trick of these, when I was editing my blog theme I happened to search for a doubt on web, I opened a webpage which has a solution for my problem. I have a character of selecting the texts which are I read till I finish the reading, but when I tried it, failed. And it was a long article so to find the answer fast I used Ctrl + F for quick search. When I closed the Search box, I found the protected text selected!. Yeah Read below to know how.

#1: Copying Copy Disabled text Using Ctrl + F

Seems to be crazy ! but I am seriously, I found this is working with Google Chrome Web browser.
  1. Just open the protected web page in Google Chrome browser
  2. Now look for the text that you want to copy
  3. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, now you will appear a search box
  4. Just type the word just before the text that you want to copy
    For Example if you want to copy "Blogger SEO Tips" from " Here are Top 10 Blogger SEO Tips" enter "Here are Top 10" in the search box (without commas).
  5. Now you can notice that the phrase you entered is highlighted, now simply close the search box.
  6. Here the real trick starts, you can see the phrase is selected automatically, now you can easily control the selection by clicking cursor holding the 'Shift' key on your keyboard (you can also use arrow keys instead of mouse. You must hold shift key)

#2: Enable copy by disabling JavaScript

Enabling Copying protected texts by disabling allowing JavaScript
This is one of the best ways to get copy function on protected text content. Most of the major coding of a website is done in JavaScript and in other major languages. Most of websites use JavaScript to protect their contend. So we can disable java from loading at the user end. Follow the below steps to disable JavaScript on your Browser.
  1. First of all go to options or setting of your browser
  2. Then go to content settings and then disable java script option in it
For firefox the procedure is : Tools > options > content > Uncheck java script (remove the check)

For Google Chrome (13.0.782.1) : Click on Tools icon > Option > Click on Under the Hood at left > Content Settings > Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

#3: Copy from Source code

Viewing the source code is in different ways in different browser. For Firefox, go to the 'View' menu and select "Page Source." In Internet Explorer, locate the "Page" menu and select "View Source" from the menu. If you are using Google Chrome, right-click on the page and select "View Page Source."

look for the <body> </body> tags. (use ctrl + F to search in page) The majority of the site content should be within these two tags.

Copy and paste the content into a word processing program such as Wordpad or Microsoft Word. You may need to clean up some HTML formatting such as <p>, <i>, <b>, and other similar tags.



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