15 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers

15 Blogger SEO TIPS
There are millions of bloggers are relying upon Google's Blogger platform to run their blog. Though it has many limitations it is popular for it's easiness of use and for the free of costs. But keep in mind that many great bloggers like Amit Agarwal (www.labnol.org) started their blogging on Blogspot and then they shifted to WordPress when they got recognized by the people, and got more daily visitors. There are a number of SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs. Here you can get many more tips and advises which can be used with your blog, so that your blog can get high search engine ranking and more traffic to your blog posts.

I would frankly say according to my a little of experience that I got from 2 years of blogging, There are lots of hidden Search Engine Optimization Tips. I write basically these Tips for your Blogger Blogs but most of them can be applied for your other platforms. Have a check did you know these Optimization tips.

1. Know what is trending

Know the trending news on different social media networks and write articles on those trending topics. You can use Google Trends to find what is hot on Google, it also allows you to check how popular a keyword in each and every country. Writing on the most recent popular topics not only brings in a lot of visitors but it also help to grow your website grade by saying your website is dynamic, it updates with fresh contents.

2. Choosing a right topic

Choosing a best topic for your post is some what complicated, but if you do it better you can surely attract more visitors. Before writing a post on your blog you should be more careful about the topic. The article should be unique and original, and must answer the query of your visitor. A post which doesn't satisfy the reader may increase the chance to leave the page. It is your duty to ensure whether you are giving something valuable to your readers.

Always write what is hot, you can also check your competitors to know how they progress, you will also get new ideas for your new posts by doing this. It doesn't mean copying their content.

3. Research on Keywords

If you have decided the topic your are going to write about, you will have to choose best suitable keyword for it. There are many tools available for Keyword Researching. You can use Google Keyword Tool it is a nice tool, it will show you the number of average monthly search results for your keyword. Continue trying with various related keywords, and choose one which is less compatible.

Blogger SEO for post title

4. Recommended Word Limit & Keyword Density

Actually there is no limitation on the length of your blog post, it depends on your topic. Some topics will have to explain more while some will only have to write a little. Even though SEO experts agree on a minimum of 300 words to avoid penalties. I recommend you to write in a range of 500-700 words on average, if you write too long it will bore you reader, and if you make it too short you will miss out something important.

Keyword Density is another important aspect for better ranking. It is to be maintained as 2% of the post. That is if you are writing a post of 500 words you can use 10-15 keywords.

5. Highly Optimize the Title

The content must be entitled with an optimized Title. You should include the chose keyword in your title. I recommend you to start your title with the keyword. The title should look like unique and tempting to click on it, so that you will get more traffic to your blog.

The another major thing you should know that some blogs show the page title after the blog name, but remember that, it will reduce your search engine traffic in a large amount. So you should make your title visible before blog name, as shown in the below image.

Blogspot SEO Tips For Blogger posts

Here the Blog name Mobihackman.in appears last, it is OK,

If you want to make this change to your blog, Go to Blogger edit HTML > find out code section and find the below code (Use Ctrl + F to search in page).
And Replace it with below code
<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/></title> </b:if>
Now the individual pages will have post title itself

6. Optimize Permalink

Blogger only consider the first 50 characters of your post title, if you are writing a title saying, "How to Insert AddThis Share buttons below every Post on Blogger blog". This title has 68 characters long, so the URL will only consist "How to Insert AddThis Share buttons below every", and the rest of the title will go out. And due to this you will lose a major amount of traffic, and sometimes the URL may not be meaning full. Once you have published the post you will not be able to change the URL, so Blogger let you to format the URL link and use custom URL. Don't forget to add all necessary keywords to you Permalink.

7.  Heading and Subheading

Search engines considers H1, H2, H3 etc. tags to easily analyse your content. So don't use H1 headings in your post, because normally the Blog Title is H1, and don't use H2s either as the post titles are usually H2s. You can use H3s and H4s as headings and subheading in your post

8. Optimize Introduction

Introduction is must for a blog post, it tells the readers what your post is talking about. You should use your Keyword in the introduction, it is better to use at least one keyword in it. You also wan't to give importance to the whole appearance of your post, you can use different colored, bold and italic texts, so that your readers can easily identify the part they are looking for.

9. Meta Description

Meta Description is another important part of a blog post. A Meta Description at most contain 160-180 characters. You must add all your Important Keywords in it.

10. Internal Linking

The inbound links are playing very important role in increasing daily page previews and the ranking. Inter link only to relevant contents. You may give one or two links in introduction and other in the rest of contend. Avoid linking frequently. We use anchor texts to make links to other pages, when you choose an anchor text don't use a single phrase, instead use 2-3 phrases, and use Keyword phrases as anchor texts. Remember that always use Do follow links when you links to your own blog.

11. External Linking

When you link to a page always try to link to a page which has page rank than you. And if you wan't to link a page which is less ranked that you, use no follow link. But if your are linking to reputed websites like Google, Wikipedia you can use Do follow attribute.

12. Optimize Images, Videos

You can spice up your post with Graphics, Animations, Videos. Images speak thousand words, and adding Videos and animations will help the readers to understand the article well. You should at least use on image in a post, if you can use two, it is better. If you only need a picture with 200px X 300px dimension, upload image with that dimension, uploading a larger image will take the server space and will slow your blog.

13. Image Alt and Title Text

Did you know images drives many traffics to website or blog? If you have optimized your post with images, you will get more traffic from image search such as Google Image, Yahoo Image etc. But you have to add Alt text and Title text for your image, always include main keywords in the Alt Text. Title text will be describing what is the picture is, it is shown when the mouse hovered the image.

14. Label your Posts

Labels are categories, you can categories your post, it is better to maintain the total number of your labels at most 20. And for every post you may use 1-3 labels.

15. Synchronizing Post Publishing time

You want to find a best time to publish your posts, and publish your all post around that time. It is better to find a time in which you get most traffic.

There are still hundreds of tips to explore. I believe these tips would help you to improve your blog performance as well as the ranking. Share your experience using these Blogger SEO tips on your blog in below comment box, so that other readers can understand the importance of it. Cheers..!



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