Make fast money by clicking ads on email, even $10 a day

Earning money doing simple job online has been a trend and necessity in these days. I have investigated many websites which pay users money for doing jobs like clicking on ads, visiting websites, liking Facebook fan pages, sharing page links etc. But here I am with a good site which is legit and pays its users for clicking ads and such a such simple tasks.

The website is The main thing the site differ from other sites is that Hits4pay is one of the best site among PTC (Paid To Click) websites. With your patience and hardworking, you can earn about $100 a day!, Really!.
Legit PTC site, high paying, 2 cents per click, get paid to click ads legit

For just spending a few minutes with your computer you will get paid. You only need to click on links on your mails which are sent to the hits4pay account inbox. For every click you make you will earn $0.02 (keep the advertisers site opened for 60 sec.). Suppose you got 10 new paid mails today, so you can make $0.02 X 10 = 0.20, it is surely be a very small amount according to your daily earning from your local work. However, try to understand that you just click it for free. In 1 minute per ads, you will earn $0.20.

Rather than this your core earning depends on referrals under you. They pays you on the basis of two lever referral system. That is you get .02 per ads click and your friend joined under you click on ads in his inbox and he gain .02 and you get 50% of it, that is 0.1.

Suppose you have 100 referrals, thus they and you click on 10 ads every day. Then,
10 clicks you made brings = 2 cent.
100 referrals clicks 10 times, it brings :- 100 * 10 * 1 = 1000 cent.
Total : 20 cent + 1000 = 1002 cent which is equal to $10.


Once you are successfully registered, you will get $5 in your account as sign up bonus. This job isnt really needs to work hard and focus of it. If you have plenty of extra time, with 5mins of it you will earn extra money.

You can withdraw your money through Paypal when it reaches $25.

Get credit for the emails that I read.

Do you know how to get credits for the mails you read?. Quite simple !. Once if you created an account and got approved you can log in to the website where you will find your mail inbox. In which you can see daily mails, those are the mails which is containing a link to the advertisers' website. If you open a mail you can see a link or a button saying 'Click Here' or any similar text, where you can click and it will lead you to another page, but you can always see a Hits4pay banner at the top of every page.

You have to remain at least 60 seconds (1min) in the website, then only you get credits. After 60 seconds, an orange button that says Click Here to View Next Advertisement will appear on the Hits4Pay banner above the website. You must click on this button to receive your credit!.

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