Can I Withdraw Asense Check from any Bank in Kerala

Google Adsense is a great program to make you earn online money, recently I received my first check from them, and I searched on internet and asked my friends for getting an idea of how to get my earnings withdrawn from Google. But when I knew It was quite simple than I expected to convert my check in to cash.

I Received My Ever First Online Earning Today!

To day I am very happy as my account was credited with 100 dollars for being an AdSense publisher. This was my long wish to get first income from them, because it is a little bit risky to get the money without getting the account banned for policy violation, I know two of my friends whose AdSense accounts was banned by Google. Google have powerful robots to detect the illegal activities like Click your selves on your own ads, make fake impression etc.

So, I consider mine is a colorful and hopeful beginning in the area of internet money making through writing blog. I would like to share my experience with you that how do I got managed my first AdSense earning to local bank account easily.

Days of Sitting on computer- The Very Beginning!

At the very beginning of my blogging, I was a 17 year old. Those times I was unaware of the different opportunities available on the internet, but I only know Internet is a connected network which is used to send mails and do chat etc. But when got a net connection at home I tried to learn how the internet works, I surfed many website but I never thought of making one. After months one of my relative taught me how to create a blog without spending a penny on blogger. At that age it was amazing me to create my own blog.

Integrating Adsense with my Blog

It was my elder brother who informed me about Google Adsense, and he taught me its basics. That is why  the every second I progress I owe him.

My Grammar and ideas was too weak at those days, so for getting Adsense I worked a tittle more, thanks God my adsense got approved.

Reaching First $100

As every beginner, I also were checking my Adsense earning in every hour!. In most cases that will remain zero..Most funny times :). Those times the monthly earning was very low, and I was very lazy to work with my blog as my internet connection was very slow, and Time passed fast and the facilities too. This first check took over a year to get. I thank God for giving me a better beginning.

I was confused that how to withdraw the money. As one from Kerala I searched for bank in Kerala, which are able to pay the adsense check. The main reason which generated me this doubt was a text written on the check that was "Payable at all Citibank Branches in India ", thus I thought I will need to go to a nearest Citibank branch. No, Finally I got the right way.

Withdrawing Google Adsense Cheque

Though I got my check before one week I received my earning to my SBT account today morning. I am residing in Malappuram District in Kerala state of India. I only have a few knowledge in the banking areas. So when I received my Check I searched on web but none of them helped me. The check was make in the slip of CitiBank so I thought I need to go to a CitiBank Branch, according to me it is very difficult as the nearest branch is in Cochin. Finally I went to an SBI branch in my locality and asked in the inquiry section. They merely helped me, told me to go to the bank branch where I have an account, as the request I submitted the check filling a Pay In Slip. And waited a week for Cheque Clearance, and I received the money directly into my account today morning.

From the Author Desk

According to my knowledge if you have an account in a bank you can simply to go to that bank for withdrawing our money. I am very happy with my blog today, Still I am improving my writing skill. I hope my experience might have helped you. For further doubts free feel to ask.


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