Minimum qualifications to become a Premium Adsense Publisher

Google Adsense is one of the most legit and profitable ways to make a huge amount of money online, there is no doubt in it. Business of Google mainly relies upon receiving and publishing ads. People can submit their ads to Google through AdWords and Websites and Blogs publish those ads on their pages, for every click their page makes earns a share of what Google earned from the click.As we know there are a number of websites and blogs getting millions of traffics in a month, and those sites drives more money to Google as thousands of clicks they get every day. So Google has an incentive program for such websites to make them more happier with Adsense. This program is dubbed as "Premium Adsense Publishers".

I assume many of adsense publishers don't know of such a program available, and many of them are unaware of how does it work and how to become a premium member of Adsense. I can make you understand all about it, all you want to read carefully the full post.

How to become a Premium AdSense Publisher?

Unlike normal Adsense Publishers, Premium Adsense Publishers (PAP) will have a huge traffic, and a high CTR, and it is a special promotion as mentioned above.

To become a Premium Member at first you want to pass in a loyalty test. And one cannot apply for this without minding anything, there are a number of websites with a high traffic they are not PAPs yet.
Because there is a minimum requirement. At least you will have to have the any one of the following.
  • A minimum of 1 Million pageviews per month - In other words you must have a daily traffic of at least 30-33 thousand pageviews.
  • At least 100K-150K search queries per month - This approximates to around 5 thousand search queries per day.
You can't apply to become a Premium member, Google will inform you when you qualify to be. It may take a long time to be PAP, may be months or years.

Advantages of being a PAP

For a PAP Adsense provides many perks, those benefits in a high amount in their upcoming income. Here are some.
  • Third-party ad-serving :- Premium publishers can serve third-party ads using their Doubleclick For Publishers account.
  • Extra ad units :- For a Premium Member who he can display more than three ad-units per page!. Yeah, Normal publishers can only add three content ads per page. These extra ad units have a special ID which differentiates them from normal ads.
  • Special monthly consultations :- This is one of the most valuable perks, PAPs get all the support they need! A special consulting agent contacts PAPs, and sets up a meeting on Google Calendar.They do contact you personally if you're a PAP.
  • Ad-customization :- For Normal publishers they can only change colors of some text and set some ad size provided by Adsense and they can't change AdSense ad codes to make them look very compatible to their webpage in the manner of getting more clicks. According to a normal publisher he always feared of the banning of his adsense accound. But premium publishers have no such limitation. They can change size, format, text color, background color, theme, and a lot more! They can also remove the 'Ads by Google' label on ads to make them look more professional.
  • Negotiable terms :- Premium publishers can negotiate, and adjust their rates with AdSense, which is quite a huge benefit.
In addition to this PAPs can experience more and more features with Adsense.

From the Author Desk

I assume this post had quench your thirst. I am also in the way to become a PAP. But a miles to go, understanding the benefits work hard, there is no doubt you will win, you can surely make your blog your lively hood. Wish you all the best :)