10 Evergreen Killer SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs

Have you given much Importance in optimizing your blog and its posts?. There are a lot of SEO Techniques, there are a number of SEO rules still not unveiled from Google. For a WordPress bloggers have many plugins available to improve their SEO while blogs runs in Blogspot platform will have to manually do the optimization. Here are 10 best and everlasting Search engine optimization tricks, which can be easily applied to your blog.

How to do a better SEO for blogspot blogsBefore Doing SEO : Along with optimizing your content you also must consider your reader. I have seen some one who write a huge paragraph!. It may be highly optimized but I don't think that would please a reader, there may be a chance to leave the page and surf for another simple one.

So always write considering your blog visitors as much as possible. How do you do that? very simple, use familiar words, avoid complex sentences, write in good grammar, the idea should be clear and the last but not least one that you must not write a long paragraph. If it is necessary to write an article which have a long content, separate them with one blank line space as you see here.

Why SEO is Essential : Optimizing your blog/ website for search results is one of the difficult task in the field of blogging, because in the world there will be millions of bloggers trying to make their blog contents SEO friendly. The better SEO will result a better natural and organic traffic for your blog. Wouldn't it be nice if your blog comes at the #1 position in search result?.

How to make my blog SEO Friendly

  1. Custom Meta Description :  Meta Descriptions are very important fact in the SEO. For blogs on Blogger platform, it is easy to add different meta description for each and every blog posts. Just click on 'New Post', at the right side of your post editor you can see a section for Post Settings, where you will find many options such as Labels, Schedule, Permalink, Location, Search Description, Option etc. Click on Search Description and write two to three line in the appearing box, the thing you care while writing the Search Description is, it should be perfect, and much cunning to make to click a user while see it in search result.

  2. Keyword Density : You will be very careful while writing your content, the content must be very simple and optimized using keywords. You can use 2 - 3% keyword of your content, that means if you are writing a 500 words article, you can use 10 - 15 keywords. If you fill your content with keywords, Google may consider your blog as a spam, and may get banned by Google.

  3. Custom Permalink : Do you know what is permalink?. In the Post Settings inside the Post editor, you can see an option called Permalink. Suppose you are writing and publishing an article on "How to Make money from Small Scale blog Using eDomz?" the URL normally will  look like http://www.mobihackman.in/2013/06/earn-money-from-small-blogs-using-eDomz.html, and if you wan't to change the URL, permalink helps you to format the current URL and to your a custom one. It will not be much longer or too short but instead it should be nearly 50 characters in length.

  4. Show Post Title Before Blog Name : Got the Idea? it is one of the easiest way to get appeared no more search result on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the simplest SEO too. Open your blog and place your mouse pointer on browser tab, If it is showing your blog name first and then your post title, be serious about it. Understand that it will surely reduce your traffic. Search engines considers some first words in your title and if your blog name appears first your title won't completely considered in the result.

    To solve this, go to your blogger dashboard and click on tab called 'Template' at the left hand side. Then Click on 'Edit HTML'. Now Click inside the box where the codes are shown and pres Ctrl + F , and search for the following code (Before doing this, I recommend you to Backup your Template


    Now Replace this code with the code written below.

    <b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

  5. Add Alt Text for your images : You should add at least on image in every of your blog post this will help you to gain more traffic and make more SEO friendly, even from image search. But when one search for image, to get appeared your images you should add Alt Tag and Title. It is very simple to add, at the post editor, insert an image click on the image then choose Properties. The Title Text is shown when you mouse hover the image.

  6. Categorize your Posts :  Give at least two to three labels for your each post, it should be unique, descriptive and related to the post.

  7. No-Follow : Add no-follow attribute to all the external links you put in your post. It will help you to get rescued from get banned by Google for linking to a website which is not suited to their policy.

  8. Meta Tags : Add Meta tags (description and keywords) in your blog template.

  9. Build Backlinks : Link building is one of the most effective SEO trick. The more your blog gets more Backlinks the more your blog reputation as well the rank increases. Always try to make Do-follow backlinks, so that the juice of page rank will flow to your blog. You can comment or write guest post on other websites or blog with your blog URL to get organic backlinks.

  10. Unique Content : Content is the King, it plays an important role in determining your traffic flow, if you do it nicely your half portion of the SEO is completed. Always write unique contents, so that you can get more traffic. and it will make people voluntarily link back to your content.

From the Author Desk

I have tried my bets to make you inculcate these Simple SEO Tips. I assume I have clearly explained everything. If you still have any doubt please fell free to write your comment below. If you like this please like us on Facebook and subscribe for our Email news letter to get free tutorials daily.



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