Send installed Apps on Android phone without rooting

App Backup & Restore allows us to backup and restore Android applications. Using this service This app will not backup and keep data or settings you have made with the installed apps in your phone, it only backup the APK files of installed applications on your device, but it is very useful.

Suppose your phone was attacked by virus and lost your all apps on your phone, now what to do, if you have already backed up your all apps using App Backup & Restore you can simply copy them to your phone and restore.If you are unable to restore your files don't be sad fist it might be due to the settings in your phone, so check your settings going to  Settings >> Applications and enable "Unknown Sources " Settings.

Want to send achieved app to 'Dropbox', It requires the dropbox already installed in your phone, click "Archived" Tab, long click on the app that you want to send, then click "Dorpbox".
There might be many Apps having Copy Protection such protected App's apk file can't be copied to your SD card, but on backup, the market links of them will be saved for restoring.

How to Share Apps to other Devices

It is quite simple to do. First of all just install and App Backup and Restore on your phone. When you open it you will see a list of apps that are already installed in your phone. you can mark the apps fully or selectively as your wish and press back up button. Now you have successfully backed up the apk file of that app in to your SD card

Once if you have backed your all or desired app up you will find its *.apk files ( File used to install / Setup file) in the folder "App_Backup_Restore" in your SD card. Now you can send it as you send any other files on your phone through any system such as bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, etc.

This app allows you to sort application on basis of date or size. Thus we can find out which app takes more memory space, or finding an app faster if you have a number of apps. Using this App you can share your apps and install or uninstall from your your phone, or your can share the market link, or you can send any apk file by mail.

Here are the features of the App supports.


  • Backup apps to SD card
  • Batch backup
  • Backup market link for protected apps
  • Restore apps from SD card
  • Batch restore
  • Quick uninstalling
  • Sort apps by name, install date, size
  • Auto backup on install
  • Show storage usage
  • Multi version backup
  • Search app from Google market
  • Send apk file by email
  • Share market link
  • Support App2SD



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