Make money by typing Captcha online

Online Data Entry job is one of the best, easiest and simple job for all. Captcha typing is one of online money making program, there are many websites providing these sort of works. Here we discuss not of all website but regarding one website which seems to be more legit and good.

Make Money online typing captchas on megatypersThis one is very easy to do, that means you don't need have a good knowledge about internet or deep learning in Computer hardware or software technology, but the only ability you need is to know typing, no need of a fast typing, but you will be able to type about 8 or 10 characters within 15 seconds, you can do it, will you?. Yeah it is quite easy!.

Captchas are small images in which alphabets or digits are written, which is little difficult to read. This is commonly used for Human Verification. Among some of Captcha typing job providers I found Megatypers is good to use. I have searched everywhere on the web for "does they pay and are they legit". Everywhere I found that it is legit and pays its users.

If you want to multiply income, you should have a PC with good internet connection. After sign in to the website you can see a menu called Stats. Where you can find hourly rate are listed, yes, they pays the users based on the hourly rate. Suppose from 10-12 (an hour) you have $1 for thousand entries, at the next hour the rate per thousand image may vary to $1.2.

How Megatypers works

Just sign up and log in, now you can go through the menus of the website panel such as Solve, Stats, Payments etc. You can check your Current earning by clicking the Payment menu. Will I get rich doing captcha jobs?. No, Never you are not going to be rich doing this. Because, the maximum amount you can earn in an hour is 1.35, but it can only be possible if you type 1000 captchas in an hour, in which the hourly rate is 1.35 dollar (it is the maximum hourly rate they provide). If you fail to type fast, you won't get a good earning.

Why I am paid to Captcha solving

Are you wondered why you are paid for just typing displayed image!. if yes I had too, and I searched on internet and I happened to read an article that says that when the robots are tried to enter to websites that are protected with human verification it asks to solve a captcha, but robot can't recognize what is written in it, so websites like Megatypers helps to do that job. Their users are shown captchas which are currently needed to be solved while a robot is being entered into a website, and users like us solve them with a certain the time duration.(I got this from an article, this may or may not be true).

At the time of solving you want to care about some captchas that are not fully or partially readable. They have provided you an option to recover this, if you fail to read the fully you can simply click on Don't Know Button below the text area. And if you know the half portion of the text you should type the known part, but note that you should not type the readable part if the captcha is not displayed as two words separated with space (see image given above). They provides you an option to pause the task whenever you want.

Payment Method

You can get your payment via paypal along with other alternative ways. If you are using Papal to receive your money from Megatypers you can withdraw the amount when you reach $3. Remember that Paypal may charge a certain percentage of the amount that you withdraw.

Happy Money Making...Cheers!.



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