Earn Money from Small Scale Blogs using edomz

PPV (Pay Per View) ad publishing is one of the best way to create a genuine online income. There are a bundle of ad providers right now, and the most of the networks pay less per view. According to the research I have made in the last some days I found edomz as best PPV network which pays a decent amount. All You need to join in it as a publisher and paste the provided code in your blog or website.

After the setup , when each visitor visit your blog an ad pop under the current browser and when they close the browser they see your ad there, whenever your visitor view an ad you will be paid, and if one click on it your earning increases. No matter whether your blog is a small one having less traffic or a big blogger, eDomz is suited for those big and small scale blogs or websites.

They pay the publishers when their earning reaches the payment threshold of 10 dollar, in the earlier period it was limitted in $5. As it pays at $10 is a good thing according to small scale bloggers. You can increase your earning by updating keywords which is mostly applicable or related to you blog, so that you can earn more by displaying more relevant and high paying ads. You can easily withdraw your earning through paypal.

Keep in mind that to be eDomz ad publisher your blog must be in English and it will not be stuffed with offensive contents. If you do so your request will not be approved by them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This service has advantages and disadvantages as any other product or service has.

unlike other services eDomz emphasis a special care on its costumers. They have a powerful customer support service through different networks such as Skype, Gmail etc. Me was compelled to write this one highlighted because if you mail them your query they will send you the respond within a short time. And you can chat with them via Skype.

They is a very good paying ad provider for those who own an Indian blog or getting more traffic from Asia. It works fine with Asia and get more money as the more traffic you get. This doesn't mean you will be a millionaire by using this service but you can run this service as a parallel one in addition to your other major earning services. eDomz really make you to earn an amount which is needed to the maintenance of your blog such as domain registration or renewal etc.

I have read some articles on internet regarding publishing Pop Up ad on websites or blogs. It says it will drive away your visitors as they are disturbed of your pop up ads. But in Case of eDomz you will not face such a difficulty because, for example a visitor visit your blog you have edomz ads on your blog, and when he opens or click anywhere on your blog an ad opens in new window and it simply goes back of the current window, actually the user will not know there is an ad appeared under the current window. But after his completion when he close the browser he sees the ad, and if he click on it you will get more earning, if you close it, no matter you will earn money for displaying ads.

If you want to generate more income, they provide you an option to invite your friends or blog visitors to edomz and to join under you. And you will earn 10% of what they earn as your commission. cheers.! 

Here is an important thing if you are an Google Adsense Publisher. Using Pop Up or Pop under or such services which makes visitor navigation difficult is prohibited by Adsense Policy.

In the other hand it also gifts us some disadvantages too. as it is a good paying one, I have read some odd articles saying they pays some costumers a low amount per ad view. But you check your luck. No harm to have a try.

If you apply for an account your request will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours!
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