All Keyboard Shortcuts for Blogger Post Editor

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform, they provides many keyboard shortcuts for their Post Composer to make their customers effort much easier. As a result of long period of blogging I know some more keyboard shortcuts rather than you get from other resources. At the very early period I never used to use shortcuts but later when I became a Designer I automatically loved short keys, and which made my works simple faster and clean.

To day I am a blogger too and I could not work without shortcuts because without it valuable time may lose. So through my long Google-ing and by my own experiment I found some more keyboard combinations on Blogger Post Editor panel in addition to what I have got from various source on internet.

The most used tool in the Blogger post Composer are Bold, Italic, Link, Image, Heading etc. Now most of them can be used with your keyboard itself. One of the important thing you want to care while using keys, a few of the short keys are not compatible with modern browsers. Those who are using Mac they should use CMD instead of CTRL.

I hope you know the way of using some short keys, even I would explain a little of them for those who are new to this information. For example you want to make the term "Blogger SEObold, so you can do this in two ways those are :

  • Before writing the term "Blogger SEO" apply Ctrl + B. now you can see the Tool bold has been enabled in the blogger tool box. After which whatever you are writing will be bold. Now, whenever you want to disable Bold simply apply the same keyboard combination Ctrl + B the phrase you
  • The next way is to select the desired phrase to bold. As an Example I want to make Related Post Widgets For blogger bold, thus I should Select the phrases for which I need to apply bold and use Ctrl + B Now you can see the selected word among the other text is bold.
These two methods can be applied for most of other shortcuts such as Ctrl + I, Ctrl + U, Ctrl + K etc.

The following shortcuts have been tested to work in Internet Explorer 6+, although at present not all of these work in Firefox, Chrome and Opera :

KeyBoard ShortcutsFunctionsGlobal Browser Compatibility
Ctrl + BBold Selected textYes
Ctrl + IMake Selected text ItalicYes
Ctrl + UUnderline Selected TextYes
Ctrl + LBlockquote (In HTML Mode)No
Ctrl + Z Undo Last Operation Yes
Ctrl + Y Redo Last Operation Yes
Ctrl + Shift + A Insert Hyper link No
Ctrl + Shift + P Preview Post No
Ctrl + K Add or Remove link on
Selected Text
Ctrl + P Publish Post Yes
Ctrl + D Save As Draft No
Ctrl + S Auto Save Yes
Ctrl + G Indic Transliteration No
Ctrl + X Cut Yes
Ctrl + C Copy Yes
Ctrl + V Paste Yes
Ctrl + F Finding a phrase Yes
Ctrl + A Highlight All Texts Yes

In addition to this You can insert Google+ Profile URLs of your friends using a short key combination. As an example I am going to Add a person whose name starts with "shi" 

  • Simply type '+' sign and just after the name without space is put in between.( See below Screen Short)
    Google Plus, Google+ Profile, Blogger Page editor, Post Editor, G+ profile into Blogger Post composer
    Adding Google Plus Profile to Blogger Post Editor.
  • As shown the image there will hang a list of peoples containing "shi" in their name. Simply choose which one you want. You done now you can see a link appear there as a hyperlink on their name.
    (Eg: +Sasi Kumar [I have removed link on this] )

Some of the shortcuts listed like Ctrl + C , Ctrl + A are basic shortcuts which are used commonly in another software such as MS Word. but shortcuts for bold, italic, add or remove link etc are most useful to bloggers who found blogging as their religion. These short keys makes their job easier and fast, thus they could save their precious time for other progress works like SEO, Making Easier Navigation to the users, Changing and adding more Tools like HTML Encoder etc



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