How to Enter Symbols with Keyboard

We usually see many symbols, marks, and signs indicating many things like Trade Mark, Copy right, Registered Trademark etc. If we came to enter such a symbol anywhere we simply copies it. In fact we do not need to copy them you can keep in mind some commonly used signs' short key. Here you will learn it.!
These Symbols can be used along with texts, commonly seen marks are Trade, CopyRightm, Registered, Degree, Square Root check, Male and Female Marks.

You can also use some smiley symbols such as Black Smiley Face [☻ ] and Smily face [☺] in your Facebook chat, These signs will be appear in almost all text fields. In addition to this Smileys there are a number of Hidden Facebook Chat Smileys.

Most of the Symbols and Smileys are using Short Keys. You can also Find More than 100 of Keyboard Shortcuts here.

Short Key  Symbol  Name
Alt + 0153 TradeMark
Alt + 0169 © Copyright
Alt + 0174 ®Registered Trademark 
Alt + 0176 ° Degree
Alt + 0177 ± Plus or Minus Sign
Alt + 0182 Paragraph Mark
Alt + 0190 ¾ Fraction, three-fourth
Alt + 0215 × Multiplication Sign
Alt + 0162 ¢ The cent sign
Alt + 0161 ¡ Upside down exclamation mark
Alt + 0191 ¿ Upside down question mark
Alt + 1 Smiley Face
Alt + 2 Black Smiley Face
Alt + 15 The sun symbol
Alt + 11 Male Sign
Alt + 12 Female Sign
Alt + 3 Heart sign
Alt + 4 Diamond
Alt + 5 Club
Alt + 6 Spade
Alt + 13 Eighth note
Alt + 14 Beamed eighth note
Alt + 8721 Left arrow Tip
Alt + 251 Square root check mark
Alt + 8236 , Comma
Alt + 24 Up Arrow
Alt + 25 Down Arrow
Alt + 26 Right Arrow
Alt + 27 Left Arrow
Alt +18 Up and Down Arrow
Alt +29 Left Right Arrow
Alt +255 A space
(Actually it is not a space, can be used as letter)

Why the last doesn't shows the Symbol?

Have a look at the last row of the above table there you don't see any symbol in the column of symbol. But there is a symbol, then why it is not visible?. Yeah it looks like, and so, it can be used for some purposes. We use several methods for hiding folders. And now we are going to learn how to hide a folder using Symbol



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