Create an Installation Setup for C# Programs

Visual Studio helps the programmers not only to build their Software but also to publish it as in the form of a Setup file. An Installation Setup automatically distributes its sub files to the different system file locations. You can also set a path for checking further Updates of your Program when you are creating the Setup file, And can also choose how will a user can install the app like From a Website, From a UNC path or File share etc.

Anyway we learn now how the Setup file creation works. This is not a risky as you thought.

Setting Up an Installation File

  1. First of all open your program for which you want create an Install Setup. And ensure that all the the components and forms are working perfectly by running many time with different orders. This includes Checking for bugs, Errors in perfect insertion of data into the Database, Form validation , Architectural Mismatches may occur when the program is installed on other computed which differ in bit of your PC , OS or Driver.
  2. If you are satisfied without any errors click on Build in the menu bar and there click on Publish[Your App Name], That step is clear in the below screenshot, in which my software's name is Bismiap, so the link seen as 'publish bismiapp'.
    Create Setup File for a program in Visual Studio
    Publishing Your Program in Visual Studio
  3. Clicking on Publish you will see a new window just opened. There you can set the path where the installation file is to be saved. If you only need just to make a simple installation file without much features added, you can simply finish using Finish button. Meanwhile if you want to add a path to check your programs new updates and the method of installation like Install from CD, From Website you should go Next.

  4. This section allows you to decide How will be the application installed : You can choose any one of the three provided options ( From a Website, From a UNC path or File share, From a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom ). If you need the Program published on your Hard Disc Simply choose the last one , it's CD-Rom or DVD-Rom and you will be asked for proving desired path.

  5. At the very last you will be asked for the path where will be the application check for the updates. you may choose a valid path or disable it.

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