Bharat Gas Refill Booking Through Online

Bharat Gas has enabled its customers facility of refill booking  online. Which sounds good, however it is only available only in selected cities. The website makes very simple to handle the booking, and a user who tends for the booking at his first instance needs a sign up, afterward he could sign in to and make booking.

How to book Online

  • Simply go to  the website and login.
  • The registration facility is available on the Home page of bharat gas refill online booking.
  • Just Click on the booking link and fills details asked including date and time of delivery. However the date and time is mentioned for the delivery is not guaranteed because it depends upon the condition.
Note: A deliver request can be made only after 21 days of previous delivery for both offline and online booking.

Bharat Gas Refill Booking can also be done by calling the agency of your cities. The contact number can be found on the book in which you record the past delivery of the gas. Or visiting the Bharat gas dealer office and registering a delivery request.

Book Through SMS -  Very Simple to handle

Apart from these Gas Refill Booking facilities the Bharat Gas provides its customers an option to book sending an Message. Which needs a certain syntax.  For the booking, one should register oneself on the ebharatgas's officwebsite. The link for the SMS registration can be seen on the home page of the site. The facility is very useful to the customers. Even it sound good it is only available for selected cities as my experience is concern. Know more About Booking Through SMS.



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