12 tricks to reduce phone data usage

In the modern world we can't live without a phone enabled internet. The latest apps are always keeping touch with internet receiving or sending data or checking for updates, we all need to get a top range phone and almost all apps installed, finally the monthly bill for internet usage shocks us.! right ?

Surely, this include Video streaming, sending mail, time spending in social medias, downloading, running applications, browsing.

To make sure that you are not going exceed your monthly data allowance, have a look and follow the below simple advises.

  1. Care on Updates : Don't try to update your whole app over your phone internet connection if you have a connection on PC. then you can do it from your PC and can the updates synchronize via USB or Bluetooth connectivity to your phone.
  2. Instant Messaging programs : WhatsApp Messenger, iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger are very reliable Instant messaging Programs to us for keep in touch with our beloved ones. They use a little data.
  3. Aware of Roaming : Be careful when you travel out from your country, the Roaming charge will be more and more higher that your current data plan. And the bill may shock you.!
  4. Use apps using Less Data : There are many different apps available doing same functions. As an example Apple Maps uses only one-fifth the data of Google Maps, says analytics firm Onavo.
  5. Turn off 'push' mail (if no need to know whenever an email comes).Also enter your email settings to choose "View only," rather than downloading a full attachment.
  6. Long Surfing : Surfing on a cellular connection for a long while will eat up your data. If you can wait until you get a PC with unlimited data plan.
  7. Tethering : Apps like PDAnet, Easy Tether allows you to share your phone's internet on your computer, But it is better to avoid tethering you phone always with the PC, it will eat your high amount of data in a short interval of time.
  8. Wi-Fi Hotspot : Avoid pleasing your friends sharing your data plan through Wi-Fi Hotspot. Using internet from multiple devices will cause to a sudden decrease in the data.
  9. Disable regularly data using Apps : Disable Apps providing features like weather updates, cricket scores. They will take a certain amount of data in addition to lower the overall internet speed.
  10. Close Apps Not in Use : Check whether the apps are properly closed, which are not in use. In iPhone, Opened Apps can be seen double-tapping the Home Button ( blow the screen).
  11. Video : Avoid unwanted Video Streaming,
  12. Social Networking : Social Networking websites are now eating the major time everyone's life. Avoid a long surfing on such websites over your cellular connection. Do it when you sit on a unlimited Connection.



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