Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering with VLC

YouTube Videos can be played without the disturbance of buffering in your computer, even if you are using very slow internet connection. It is very simple to do with your media players like VLC , Real Player etc. YouTube is a giant in video sharing websites on the internet and it is most popular among the websites of the world. Below are the steps to play YouTube Videos without waiting while you are playing.

Trick #1 - (If you have an internet connection slower than 40KB per second skip this and read Trick #2)

Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering -trick for internet speed more than 40KB /ps

play low quality video on youtube from pc working trick
Changing Quality of a YouTube Video
  • Open youtube and target your desired video.
  • Click and open the video.
  • At the right side of the player you will see a button for changing the quality of the video (See the Screenshot)
  • Choose the video quality as 240p
  • Now you will work without any waiting when you watch
Do you feel still disturbed with buffering. then read the next trick that will work for you.

Trick #2:

Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering -trick for very low internet speed

Those who are having a very slow internet connection on the PC. Here is a killer idea to watch Videos in YouTube without difficulty. For this trick you only need VLC player or Real Player.
  1. First of all go to (Mobile version)
  2. Search and choose the video you want
  3. Now you can see a link under the thumbnail saying 'watch this video'
  4. If you have Real Player installed on your computer it will automatically open in your real player and will start to play without buffering  ( If you don,t have RealPlayer just skip this 4th step and go to 5th step )
  5. If you have only VLC player installed on your computer.
    Right click on the link saying 'watch this video'  and choose 'Copy Link Adress'
  6. Now Open VLC Player and press Ctrl + V . And Press OK.
  7. You done.! wait for a while it will start streaming..
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