Make Slideshow in YouTube Video Editor

YouTube has enabled its user to create a slideshow by uploading images with Pan and Zoom effects, when they made changes to features. This new YouTube Video editor has only some basic features. Most of the people are using Software like Windows Movie Maker to make such animated photo streams. But now you need not to go anywhere else it is inside the YouTube.

Stream Your Photos in YouTube

Though this has only basic features. It is sure that it is a great step that YouTube has made, it will surely reflect in their traffic. People starts to use this feature to upload animated image slides to YouTube just dropping down images to YouTube Editor Panel.

Most of the Users of YouTube don't know about this Picture Editing facility which is available inside the website.

How to Make a Slide Show Stream in YouTube Video Editor.

It is quite easy to create a video with Pan and Zoom effects. Follow these simple steps

  1. Sign in to your YouTube website and Click on Upload Button
  2. You can either insert images by dragging  and dropping, or by clicking on the button in the middle of the page.
  3. Create a Slide Show in YouTube with Zoom and Pan Effects and Audio Track
    YouTube Video Editor Photo Upload Page.
  4. And select ' Photo SlideShow Create ' button From the Right side of the window
  5. From the upcoming page there you will have options to select photos you have already uploaded to various Google Services and upload new Photos.
  6. Your selected photos will be displayed in thumbnail in the page. And after the completion of your photo selection, just scroll down to select Next
  7. There You will get your images transformed into a video format with given effect there you can modify a couple of effects including slide duration, the slide effect and the transition effect.
  8. This window also allow the editor to choose an Audio Track to be played when the video slideshow is being played.
  9. If you are satisfied click on upload to upload the video to YouTube.
  10. Now you will be shown a page which is the final page of this process. Here you can add a title, description and tags to the video. Here you can also select a category for the video, and set its privacy settings.
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