How can I download my details from Facebook?

If you  have decided to delete your account permanently from Facebook, stop there have you thought of your data on Facebook. Will it be lost? Yeah..before your account deletion you may download your data on your profile on Facebook. It is quite easy to backup your info on your account. Reading this article completely you will understand the full method of deletion and the Data Back Up.

You can download your information from the Account Settings page.
  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page and select Account Settings
  2. Click General in the left-hand column
  3. Click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data"
  4. Click Start My Archive
Because this download contains your timeline information, you should keep it secure and be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

what info is included in your download?

Accessing Your Facebook Info

Where can I find my information?

Your information is available to you in three different places:

Downloaded Info
This includes your timeline info like posts you’ve shared, messages, photos and more. To download your information, go to your Account Settings and clickDownload a copy of your Facebook data.

Expanded Archive
This is in addition to your downloaded info, and contains even more account info like logins, cookies and more. The link to download your expanded archive is on the same page where you download your information.

Activity Log
This is a history of all your activity from posts you’ve commented on or liked, to apps you’ve used, to anything you’ve searched for.Your activity log can be accessed from your timeline.

What type of information is available?

This is the info you can find, a short explanation of what it is and where you can find it (downloaded info, expanded archive or activity log). Facebook store different types of data for different time periods, so they may not have all of your data since you joined Facebook.
What info is available?What is it?Where can I find it?
About MeInformation you added to the About section of your timeline like relationships, work, education, where you live and more. It includes any updates or changes you made in the past and what’s currently in the About section of your timeline.Activity Log
Account Status HistoryThe dates when your account was reactivated, deactivated, disabled or deleted.Expanded Archive
Active SessionsAll stored active sessions, including date, time, device, IP address, machine cookie and browser information.Expanded Archive
Ads ClickedDates, times and titles of ads clicked.Expanded Archive
AddressYour current address or any past addresses you had on your account.Expanded Archive
Ad TopicsA list of topics that you may be targeted against based on your stated likes, interests and other data you put in your timeline.Expanded Archive
Alternate NameAny alternate names you have on your account (ex: a maiden name or a nickname).Expanded Archive
AppsAll of the apps you subscribe to.Expanded Archive
Birthday VisibilityHow your birthday appears on your timeline.Expanded Archive
ChatA history of the conversations you’ve had on Facebook Chat.Downloaded Info
Check-insAll of the places you’ve checked into.Downloaded Info
Activity Log
ConnectionsThe people who have liked your Page or Place, RSVPed to your event, installed your app or checked in to your advertised place within 24 hours of viewing or clicking on an ad or Sponsored Story.Activity Log
Credit CardsIf you make purchases on Facebook (ex: in apps) and have given Facebook your credit card number.Account Settings
CurrencyYour preferred currency on Facebook. If you use Facebook Payments, this will be used to display prices and charge your credit cards.Expanded Archive
Current CityThe city you added to the About section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
Date of BirthThe date you added to Birthday in the Aboutsection of your timeline.Downloaded Info
Deleted FriendsThe people you’ve unfriended.Expanded Archive
EducationAny information you added to Education in the About section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
EmailsEmail addresses added to your account (even those you may have removed).Expanded Archive
EventsEvents you’ve joined or been invited to.Activity Log
FamilyFriends you’ve indicated are family members.Expanded Archive
Favorite QuotesInformation you’ve added to the Favorite Quotes section of the About section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
FollowersA list of people who follow you.Expanded Archive
FollowingA list of people you follow.Activity Log
Friend RequestsPending sent and received friend requests.Expanded Archive
FriendsA list of your friends.Downloaded Info
GenderThe gender you added to the About section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
GroupsA list of groups you belong to on Facebook.Downloaded Info
Hidden from News FeedAny friends, apps or pages you’ve hidden from your News Feed.Expanded Archive
HometownThe place you added to hometown in the Aboutsection of your timeline (profile).Downloaded Info
IP AddressesA list of addresses where you’ve logged into your Facebook account (won’t include all IP addresses as they are deleted according to a retention schedule).Expanded Archive
Last LocationThe last location associated with an update.Activity Log
Likes on Other’s PostsPosts, photos or other content you’ve liked.Activity Log
Likes on Your Posts from othersLikes on your own posts, photos or other content.Activity Log
Likes on Other SitesLikes you’ve made on other sites off of Facebook.Activity Log
Linked AccountsA list of the accounts you've linked to your Facebook accountAccount Settings
LocaleThe language you see on Facebook is based on where you’re located.Expanded Archive
LoginsIP address, date and time associated with logins to your Facebook account.Expanded Archive
LogoutsIP address, date and time associated with logouts from your Facebook account.Expanded Archive
MessagesArchive of messages you’ve sent and received on Facebook. Note, if you've deleted a message it won't be included in your download.Downloaded Info
NameThe name on your Facebook account.Downloaded Info
Name ChangesAny changes you’ve made to the original name you used when you signed up for Facebook.Expanded Archive
NetworksNetworks (affiliations with schools or workplaces) that you belong to on Facebook.Expanded Archive
NotesAny notes you’ve written and published to your account.Activity Log
Notification SettingsA list of all your notifications and whether you have email and text enabled or disabled for each.Expanded Archive
Pages You AdminA list of pages you admin.Expanded Archive
Pending Friend RequestsPending sent and received friend requests.Expanded Archive
Phone NumbersMobile phone numbers you’ve added to your account, including verified mobile numbers you've added for security purposes.Expanded Archive
PhotosAny photos you’ve uploaded to your account.Downloaded Info
Photos MetadataAny metadata that is transmitted with your uploaded photos.Pending, will be added to Expanded Archive
Physical TokensBadges you’ve added to your account.Expanded Archive
PokesA list of who’s poked you and who you’ve poked. Poke content from our mobile poke app is not included because it's only available for a brief period of time. After the recipient has viewed the content it's permanently removed from our systems.Expanded Archive
Political ViewsAny information you added to Political Views in the About section of timeline.Downloaded Info
Your PostsAnything you posted to your own timeline, like photos, videos and status updates.Activity Log
Posts by OthersAnything you posted to someone else’s timeline (profile), like photos, videos and status updates.Activity Log
Privacy SettingsOnly current settings are stored.Privacy Settings
Recent ActivitiesActions you’ve taken and interactions you’ve recently had.Activity Log
Registration DateThe date you joined Facebook.Activity Log
Religious ViewsThe information you added to Religious Views in theAbout section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
Removed FriendsPeople you’ve removed as friends.Activity Log
Screen NamesThe screen names you’ve added to your account, and the service they’re associated with. You can also see if they’re hidden or visible on your account.Expanded Archive
SearchesSearches you’ve made on Facebook.Activity Log
SharesContent (ex: a news article) you've shared with others on Facebook using the Share button or link.Activity Log
Spoken LanguagesThe languages you added to Spoken Languages in the About section of your timeline.Expanded Archive
Status UpdatesAny status updates you’ve posted.Activity Log
Tag Suggestions TemplateA unique number based on a comparison of the photos you're tagged in. We use this template to help your friends tag you in the photos they upload.Expanded Archive
WorkAny information you’ve added to Work in the About section of your timeline.Downloaded Info
Vanity URLYour Facebook URL (ex: username or vanity for your account).Visible in your timeline URL
VideosVideos you’ve posted.Activity Log
If you don't have a Facebook account, you can request the removal of your data.


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