How to Turn off/Clear your Google Web History

Google has been a unavoidable part of the internet. Because it serves a better serving to us with its fast and wide with unbelievable speed. But have you ever bothered of a thing that whenever you are browsing and searching using Google it is being recorded in your Google Web History. So be careful while you're visiting a webpage or performing a search while you are performing search after you are signed in Google. Because the History only recorded the subsequent web pages after you signed in. Know one more thing , your search history will be recorded if ever you are in Incognito mode (Brows in Private) I am sure many of them are irritated by hearing of this. But don't worry of the matter, Do you want to Clear/ Delete them. It is quite easy.

If there is a Will , there is a Way,... thus if Google providing us an option to save our web history it is sure there will be a way to empty the records.

Turn off your Google Web History

If you're visiting a webpage or performing a search that you don't want stored in your Google Web History:
  1. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner of a search results page, and go to Search history.
  2. Click the gear icon again on the upper corner of the Web History page, and go to Settings.
  3. Click the Turn off button next to "Web History is on." To start keeping track of your web search activity again, click the Turn on button.



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