India:Good season for Tablets

This is a very good season in the case of Tablet marketing in India. Tablets are all around the world and in India there only 5 lakh of tablets were sold in 2011, but when a year passed and entered into 2012 the number of sold tablets reached 30 lakh. The growth of tablet marketing scale were ricing high speed, thus Cyber Media, the popular research firm has predicted that the scale of tablet market may rise to 60 lakh.
The sudden increase in the sail of Tablets in India was by the coming of Google's Android OS based devices. Though the Android has hit on market as first , there stands MicroMax in second position.Even though in the third position is in the hands of Apple.

According to the survey windows 8 tablets are supposed to be hit the market in 2013. The sudden growth of tablet sails will be depended on the developments in building business based apps.



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