Use Yahoo to Increase Page Views and Rank

We, website owners are always seeking of the way to quickly increase our website/ Blog Page Previews and the  page rank as well. Page Rank depends upon the back links to your website, thus the back links also helps to get a high traffic to your website. For putting your article link on your website Yahoo has a forum as their own. Here I am explaining the way to make a website well traffic getting one with  Yahoo. Yahoo has some great ways to boost your page views. Very anxious to know them read full.

Using Yahoo's Buzz Index.

Buzz Index is a tool which shows the top keyword searches for the day, as well as the searches that have increased in popularity the most.You can see a list of overall search terms, or break it down into categories like 'movies' or 'sports.

Popular keywords are more likely to get page hits than obscure ones or none at all. Some keywords are only popular for a short time (like celebration related items) while some are always popular. Try writing articles that utilize both (but not at the same time). This way you'll have some articles that get page views now, while some will slowly gain page views over time.

generate page view is Yahoo Answers.

This is a public forum where users can post questions and/or answers on just about anything. If you've written an article that addresses someone's question, direct them to your article in your answer. Anyone who reads your answer will see the link and may be curious enough to click on it and read your article.

Submitting Your Website to Yahoo Search
Lastly, try submitting your website to Yahoo Search. This could be especially helpful if you have a personal site or blog. Submit that to Yahoo Search, and place links to your articles on your site or blog. This way you will get more page views on both (if more people see your blog, more people will see your links...). You could also try submitting your content producer page to Yahoo Search.



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