How to disable Send Error Reporting on Windows

Hi guys Today I am with a new information before you, to make your day. We all are using computer every time even at midnight. Being PC users we are being facing many problems on the computer. And 'Sending Error' reporting will be asked whenever a problem was met; are you tired of facing the message box and clicking the Don't Send button. Don't worry of it, this post will surely help you to inactive the message displaying permanently from your window pc.

This message box shows a message saying sorry for the inconvenience to us, and which displays only when our PC or software is in trouble.Thus if your are not interested to see the dialog more you can simply disable it.

Just Follow These Steps to inactive/ Hide the error reporting on your windows PC :-

  1. Right Click on My Computer icon
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Open on Advanced
  4. Click on Error Reporting
  5. Now Click on Disable error reporting
  6. Click on OK



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