Connect Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos c3312 with PC for internet

Now a days we all have internet at our finger tip, thus we brows web daily. Many of us were taking internet  using wired connection in ancient times. And later the connections made through wireless modems. But today we don't need to buy and set a modem, we have it in our phone. Today I write here the way to connect your Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos c3312 to your computer as a modem.
Download Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos c3312 Mobile PC Studio,

PC Suite Software modem Driver for windows xp, windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS.

Click Here to download PC Studio for Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos c3312.

If not Found please Click Here And Go to Software Tab on that page.

For Connect internet in Desktop computer or laptop from mobile, Click here to download Internet Connection Manager,Tethering.

Click Here to Download PC Studio for Mac OS.
Click Here for Download Samsung Kies 2.0, PC Sync.

Note: Following software needed to install Samsung Kies 2.0 without internet connection.

Windows Imaging Component (WIC) – Download (wic_x86_enu.exe)
.NET 4 – Download



  1. helo bro, i m unable to connect net through Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos c3312 , i also downloaded kies and thetering conection manager, i getting error upon dialing that your modem or other connecting device is out of order

    1. Bro., I am little busy right now. I will answer you after some hours keep visiting..

    2. I have searched for the problem as no Champ Deluxe Duos c3312 with me. I am not sure the below is for your phone It may be for Samsung Android phones. The result was got when I searched web using the keyword that 'How can i connect my samsung champ duos to use internet on my laptop ?'. Any way try these Two ways...

      TIP #1
      Enable Data in your phone then choose Menu -> Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Tethering and portable hotspot -> Enable USB tethering
      You are done !. Now your phone's internet automatically connects with PC.

      Use your Samsung cd and install Pc studio after this use Data cable then connect mobile and PC. If you are not given the CD you can go to the below link and have the pc Studio downloaded from its manufacturer official Website:

      Hope This would solve your Problem. If you like this please like us on Facebook and Follow us On Twitter.

  2. i cant connect my cell samsung gt c3312 for internet in pc. I had samsung pc studio 7 , samsung pc studio 2.0.9 and a samsung kies 3 in my Pc ( windows xp ) but also these softwear wil not detect my phone. I have pleanty of internet data in my phone. Please tell mi how can i connect , what are the softwear need for my pc and my phone...
    plezz help mi..!

  3. @ Akshay Kumar:

    Hi, Kumar. You can use PDA Net to share your mobile internet to your PC.
    Download PDA net From Play Store, when you install it on your Phone you will be asked to download the same version of PDA Net for your PC. (You can directly download the Computer version from their website).

    After installing PDA Net in both PC and Phone, Enable Data on your phone then Connect your Phone to PC via USB Cable, Open PDA Net on PC, Open PDA net on Phone and Activate USB Tether, Now right click on PDA icon (Shown at System Tray) then press Connect to Internet.

    Let me know your feedback. If you are still doubtful I will be writing a tutorial with screenshots. Thanks.

  4. thnx Sir for ur response :-)
    One thing is that my cel did'nt support android filles , which you wil said PDA net and all.....
    Tell me something more Sir...

  5. @ Akshay Kumar:
    Dear Bro, I had been searching for a solution for your problem for an hour, I didn't found a proper solution. Some persons says this phone doesn't have such an option, someone says Kies can be used to connect with PC, anyway Try the instruction of the above Tutorial (You should install Kies in absence of internet).

    The best Idea is to get an Android Phone....Ha..Ha..

    Don't forget to bookmark this Blog......Keep Visiting....thanks