Send Free Message with Facebook Messenger app

logo facebook messenger, send free sms- from phone to phone-new messaging system by facebookFacebook the giant Social Networking website has tuned to SMS service by launching 'Facebook Messenger' app, as SMS service completes 20 years age. with only the name and phone number in your hand, no need to be a Facebook user. The app now launched is for Android. Any non-Facebook user can receive the message which was sent by the app. Till they launches the new messenger app it could only chat with Facebook users.

However the new app is entirely fantastic according to the old, because it differ from other all SMS app the reason is this app allows anyone to send SMS with providing the name and phone number. There was a gossip that Facebook was going to buy Whatsapp but they were using their existing chat service.

Actually the app doesn't allow anyone to send an SMS to a mobile phone but to Facebook Messenger app. And it is very comfort to operate, read and reply

Facebook SMS service is giving a new look and opening a new window in the world of SMS. And the new system of messaging may kick the traditional Short Message Service (SMS), was started before 20 years in 1992 December. and a British engineer aged 22 was the first message sender in the world. The message was 'Marry Christmas'. And afterwards Nokia Launched a phone capable to send SMS. Now a days two third of the mobile phone users send SMS daily. According to the calculation of  previous year 8 lakh of SMS was sent.



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