How to open DBK File Extension Format easily?

Open DBK File Extension Format easily without any software in phone/ pc/ tabletDBK extension files are created by PC suite of Sony Ericsson phone when the contacts of the phone is exported via pc support. The data contains a DBK file is in zipped format, thus it needs a special software to get opened.
One day, my friend came to me for a remedy on a problem, that was when he tried but failed to transfer his all phone numbers from his old Sony Ericsson phone to a newly bought Samsung Galaxy y. And told him to connect his phone with the PC suite software provided Sony, and I accompanied with him for the purpose.

Fortunately we got an out put of the phone (account) numbers' list in DBK format. But unfortunately we both were unaware of the way to open such a file extension. he got irritated because his  old phone consists of very important contacts. Finally we got some ideas to open the file seeking the internet. But most of them needs software to be downloaded, and some were worthless.

And as a result of deep search and thought we got a tricky way to open the DBK file format without any software but with only a Unziping software.

Open DBK File Extension: Unzip the File

The DBK files are similar to ZIP files. Therefore, you will be able to open them by unzipping them. Several applications can be used to unzip files including WinZip, WinRAR, and ZigZag.

I advise you to make a backup of the DBK file before attempting to open it this way. Change the file extension from .dbk to .zip on the Sony phone file if it does not automatically open using one of these applications.

Change the dbk File Extension from .dbk to .zip

  1. Open Control panel
  2. Select  Folder Options, and View. In the box that opens, unmark the box in front of "Hide extensions for known file types." and press OK
  3. Right click on the .dbk file and select "Rename."
  4. Type in the name of the file with the .zip extension ( Eg: Contact.dbk  >> )
  5. Now you will be able to extract / open the renamed file and inside you will see a some files and with it you can also see a file with .VCF extension
  6. Now copy the vcf file and paste in your mobile phone memory card
  7. Open the file on your phone thus the numbers in the file will be automaticaly gone to your phone number registry of the phone.

If you still have access to your phone, you can use the PC Suite program to restore these phone files so that you can access them on your phone.

Other types of DBK files are dBase backup files that you should be able to open using the database program in Open Office. If you do not have Open Office installed already, simply install it from the Internet before trying to open this type of DBK file. You will not be able to use open Office to open your phone files, but if you encounter this type of file elsewhere, you'll know how to open them.


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